Into The Silo – "Dust & Decay" (EP) Review

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Into The Silo are a new name in the Chicago hardcore scene, and yet one that sets out to impress from the off-set with their debut EP Rust & Decay which dropped in November 2020. In a mere 17 minutes, the band have established their style very well with their unique blend of traditional floorshow-style hardcore combined with elements more common in extreme metal. The percussion and guitar tone are especially symbolic of the latter, and the production overall has an expected focus on low-end bite. “Devour” is intense and crushing from beginning to end. With an intro that chambers the best parts of early grindcore efforts with its trilling tremolo guitars and punky backbeat drumming patterns. It’s heavy and fits the oppressive and encompassing tone of the lyrics and aesthetic well. For all the speed on show on this release, Into The Silo can also do crushing at a slower tempo, with “Gila” cause and point. The guitar riffs are thick and rhythmic with distinct chugging stabs between vicious snare cracks. Particular note should be made of the vocalist’s extensive range, which is well demonstrated on songs such as “Black Moss” and “Malice” greatest. The latter of the two bring to mind grind like Napalm Death to mind quickly. The death metal tremolo picking over impassioned shouts works well. Emotion is a core theme that runs through the entirety of this release. Overall, there is a lot to recommend with

Into The Silo’s debut EP. Fans of extreme metal and hardcore should find a lot to like, and several new twists that innovates on their expectations.

"Dust & Decay" (EP) was released November 20th, 2020

- Aleksha McLoughlin

Into The Silo Is:

Todday Gaither (Vocals)

Anthony Joseph (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)

Zach Peterson (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)

Josh Kurek (Drums)

Drew Balicki (Bass)

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