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"A Lesson in Tragedy" by From Ashes to Embers Single Review

From Ashes to Embers - "A Lesson in Tragedy"

Review by Pauly Brazen

Rising abruptly from the Chicagoland area, newly formed alternative rock/metal outfit,

From Ashes to Embers, has drawn immediate interest with their single, “A Lesson in

Tragedy”, now available on all major music outlets.

While there were some rumblings of a new project for vocalist Rick Soeprasetyo, a

prominent leader of the Rockford music scene, and rumors had been swirling that there was a notable show in the works, any real details were kept close to the vest. Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, the band emerged and the new six member lineup, the band name and logo, photos, and a major show announcement were revealed.

From Ashes to Embers would be headlining at the Apollo Theater in Rockford, and the show

(since has sold out) would be presented by 104.9 WXRX and FM Entertainment.

While everything up to this point for the band had been kind of hush-hush, with the

release of their new single, “A Lesson in Tragedy”, From Ashes to Embers let us know

exactly where they are coming from and what they are here to do.

Rick said it best when he posted:

“The way life pans out can be surprising at times. Let this be a valuable lesson that ANYTHING. ANY MF THING. IS POSSIBLE. FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR DREAMS WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!"

The band, Mikey Hodge and Santiago Barrera on guitar, Manda Miller on keys and

vocals, Chad Foster on bass, and Steve Smith on drums, all have different musical

influences and the creative freedom to bring their ideas to the table. “We all have many

different influences. None are the same which makes our sound as unique as it is.”

The track begins with Steve Smith laying down a groove on drums; a driving beat

emphasized by a snare that sets the pace throughout the song. A bass fill leads into

the intro riff and From Ashes to Embers has officially arrived. Each person in the band

can be heard clearly, the guitars are tight, the bass and drums are locked in, and the

keys add an ambient quality to the overall mix.

With a variety of sections, “A Lesson in Tragedy” keeps the listener interested and

wanting more. One of the elements that stands out is the vocal interplay between Rick

and Manda. Both of them having a strong, recognizable voice helps to differentiate their

vocal parts and the control they have helps to join them together seamlessly. It is clear

in the lyrics that Rick has been through some hard times, some soul searching, and

while he may have at one time felt broken, here he is standing strong...“Still I rise from

the ashes!”

From Ashes to Embers is:

Chad Foster - Bass

Manda Miller - Keys and Vocals

Mikey Hodge - Guitar

Rick Soeprasetyo - Vocals

Santiago Barrera - Guitar

Steve Smith - Drums

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